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People by ethnic or national descent People by ethnic or national origin People by ethnicity and occupation People by ethnicity and religion People by historical ethnicity People by occupation and ethnicity People of African descent by ethnicity People of Asian descent by ethnicity Feminists by ethnicity Medieval people by ethnicity People of North American descent by ethnicity People of the Ottoman Empire by ethnicity Roman-era people by ethnicity Fictional characters by ethnicity or nationality Lists of people by ethnicity Refugees by ethnicity Soldiers by ethnicity Families by ethnicity Women by ethnicity 17th-century people by ethnicity 18th-century people by ethnicity 19th-century people by ethnicity 20th-century people by ethnicity 21st-century people by ethnicity Abenaki people Acadian people Acehnese people Acholi people People from Adi Community African-American people Afrikaner people Afro-Brazilian people Ainu people Aku people Alanic people Alaska Native people Algonquian peoples Algonquin people Alur people Anglo-Burmese people Anglo-Indian people Anglo-Irish people Anishinaabe peoples Apache people Arabs Arikara people Ethnic Armenian people Aro people Aromanian people Artesian people Assiniboine people Avar people Aymara people Azad Kashmiri people Bahrani people Bai people Bajau people Balinese people Balkar people Baltic people Bamana people Banjar people Bantu people Banyumasan people Bashkir people Basque people Batak people Bedoun people Bengali people Berber people Bicolano people Bidayuh people Blackfoot people Bodo people Bosniak people British Asian people Bubi people Bugis people Burgher people Buryat people Cajun people Cantonese people Indigenous Caribbean people Catalan people Chaldean Cham people Chaoshanese people Chaoui people Chechen people Cherokee people Sri Lankan Chetties Cheyenne people Chickasaw people Chinese Tatars Choctaw people Cimmerian people Coeur d'Alene people Cornish people Cree people Creole peoples Crimean Tatar people Croat people Dakelh people Dardic peoples Dayak people Dene people Dinka people Dongxiang people Dard people Duala people East Asian people Eastern Romance people Edo people Embera-Wounaan Evenks Fang people Finnic people First Nations people Flemish people French-Canadian people Fula people People of Fuzhou descent Singaporean people of Hockchew descent Ga-Adangbe people Galician people (Spain) Ganda people Garifuna people Gbagyi people Ethnic German people Germanic people Gilaki people Gin people Gothic people Guaymi people Gujarati people Hainanese people Hakka people Han Chinese Han Chinese people Han Taiwanese Hani people Hausa people Havigannada people Native Hawaiian people Hazara people Hema people Hemshin people Hindavi people Ho-Chunk people Hokkien people Huaorani people Hui people Hutu people Iban people Ibibio people Idoma people Igbo people Ijaw people Ilocano people Indigenous people Indo people Indo-Aryan peoples Ingush people Inuit people Irani people Iranic people Irish Travellers Italic people Itesot people Itsekiri people Japanese people Javanese people Jews Kabyle people Kadazan-Dusun people Kalash people Kalenjin people Kalmyk people Kamba people Kanak people Kanuri people Kapampangan people Karamojong people Karen people Ethnic Kazakh people Kelabit people Khakas people Khanty people Khazar people Khitan people Kikuyu people Kipsigis people Kodava people Komi people Kongo people Konkani people Korean people Koryo-saram Kuna people Kurdish people
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Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The game develops imagination, concentration, teaches how to solve tasks, plan their own actions and of course to think logically. It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement!

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