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Ferdinand Ashmall

He was born on 9 January 1695 in Elwick, County Durham to Thomas Ashmall and Mary Addison. He was admitted to Lisbon College on 9 August 1711, at age 15, to prepare for the priesthood. He was ordained on 18 February 1720 as a Roman Catholic priest in Portugal. He returned to England in 1723 where he became the chaplain to Mary Salvin at Elvet, County Durham until her death in 1727. He then moved back to his family estate in Amerston. He later moved to New House, County Durham where he remained as the priest until his death. He died in New House, County Durham on 2 February 1798 in the 103rd year or 104th year, of his life. It was the 73rd year of his ministry.

Geert Adriaans Boomgaard

Geert Adriaans Boomgaard was a Dutch supercentenarian. He is generally accepted by scholars as the first validated supercentenarian case on record Since there is evidence that he served as a soldier in Napoleon Bonapartes "Grande Armee", in the 33rd Light Infantry Division, Boomgaard might in fact have been the oldest military veteran ever for several decades.

Jeanne Calment

Jeanne Louise Calment was a French supercentenarian from Arles, and the oldest human whose age was well-documented, with a lifespan of 122 years and 164 days. Her longevity attracted media attention and medical studies of her health and lifestyle. According to census records, Calment outlived both her daughter and grandson. She was widely reported to have been the oldest living person in 1988 at 112, and was declared the oldest person ever in 1995 at age 120. Some researchers have challenged Calments extreme age due to statistical unlikelihood, and have examined the possibility that her daughter Yvonne may have assumed Calments identity in 1934. Other researchers have dismissed this hypothesis on the basis of extensive prior research into Calments life.

Margaret Ann Neve

Margaret Ann Neve was the first recorded female supercentenarian and the second validated human to reach the age of 110 after Geert Adriaans Boomgaard. Neve lived at Saint Peter Port on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel. She was also the first proven individual whose life spanned three centuries.

Salome Sellers

Sellers was born as Salome Sylvester was in Deer Isle, Maine then part of Massachusetts, the daughter of Captain Edward and Deborah nee Cushman Sylvester. Descending from Mayflower Stock, her father served during the American Revolution. She grew up on Deer Isle and married Joseph Sellers on 23 December 1830. The couple had six children together, Salome outliving all but her oldest son, William. She was widowed in 1865. Due to her unusually long life, Salome was often featured in local newspapers and visited by people interested in her long life, something Salome once expressed as "Ive lived too long. Im only a curiosity now for people to come and stare at". Salome Sellers died in the same house she and her husband had built in 1830 in Deer Isle, Maine on 9 January 1909, aged 108 years, 82 days. Her house is now known as the Salome Sellers House and home to the Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society. There has been a book published in 1998 by Peg Mitten Pr. and written by Caroline Smith Rittenhouse that details her life: "An Island Woman: Salome Sylvester Sellers, Deer Isle, Maine 1800-1909".

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