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People by continent and nationality People by former country People by nationality and location People by nationality and occupation People by nationality and period People by nationality and political orientation People by nationality and religion People by nationality and role People by nationality and status People by nationality and war People by occupation and nationality People by political orientation and nationality People by religion and nationality People by status and nationality People from dependent territories Nationality missing Men by nationality Women by nationality Lists of people by nationality British knights by nationality Cultural depictions of people by nationality Families by nationality Innovators by nationality LGBT people by nationality Medieval people by country or nationality Nobility by nationality Award winners by nationality People of indigenous peoples descent by nationality Saints by nationality Abkhazian people Afghan people Albanian people Algerian people American people Andorran people Angolan people Antigua and Barbuda people Argentine people Armenian people Aruban people Australian people Austrian people Azerbaijani people Bahamian people Bahraini people Bangladeshi people Barbadian people Belarusian people Belgian people Belizean people Beninese people Bhutanese people Bissau-Guinean people Bolivian people Bosnia and Herzegovina people Botswana people Brazilian people British people Bruneian people Bulgarian people Burkinabe people Burmese people Burundian people Cambodian people Cameroonian people Canadian people Cape Verdean people Central African Republic people Chadian people Chilean people Chinese people Colombian people Comorian people Democratic Republic of the Congo people Republic of the Congo people Cook Island people Costa Rican people Croatian people Cuban people Curaçao people Cypriot people Czech people Danish people Djiboutian people Dominica people Dominican Republic people Dutch people East Timorese people Ecuadorian people Egyptian people Emirati people Equatoguinean people Eritrean people Estonian people Ethiopian people Faroese people Fijian people Filipino people Finnish people French people French Polynesian people Gabonese people Gambian people People from Georgia (country) German people Ghanaian people Greek people Greenlandic people Grenadian people Guatemalan people Guyanese people Haitian people Honduran people Hungarian people Icelandic people Indian people Indonesian people Iranian people Iraqi people Irish people Israeli people Italian people Ivorian people Jamaican people Jordanian people Kazakhstani people Kenyan people I-Kiribati people Kosovan people Kuwaiti people Kyrgyzstani people Laotian people Latvian people Lebanese people Lesotho people Liberian people Libyan people Liechtenstein people Lithuanian people Luxembourgian people Macedonian people Malagasy people Malawian people Malaysian people Maldivian people Malian people Maltese people Marshallese people Mauritanian people Mauritian people Mexican people Federated States of Micronesia people Moldovan people Monegasque people Mongolian people Montenegrin people Moroccan people Mozambican people Namibian people Nauruan people Nepalese people New Caledonian people New Zealand people Nicaraguan people Nigerian people Nigerien people Niuean people North Korean people Norwegian people Omani people Pakistani people Palauan people Palestinian people Panamanian people Papua New Guinean people Paraguayan people People of Al-Andalus Peruvian people Polish people Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth people Portuguese people Puerto Rican people Qatari people Romanian people Russian people Rwandan people Saba people Saint Kitts and Nevis people Saint Lucian people Saint Vincent and the Grenadines people Salvadoran people Samoan people Sammarinese people São Tome and Principe people Saudi Arabian people Senegalese people Serbian people Seychellois people Sierra Leonean people Singaporean people
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Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The game develops imagination, concentration, teaches how to solve tasks, plan their own actions and of course to think logically. It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement!

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