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The family name Stibolt was closely associated with the Danish-Norwegian navy of the 18th century and with the island of Christianso from the time that Hans Anderson Stibolt was appointed commandant of those most easterly islands of Denmark. His three sons all held naval officer rank, as did many of the subsequent generations, serving with a varied amount of success. Three generations held the post of Commandant on Christianso. By Caspar Henrik Stibolt and his first wife Charlotte Hedevig Becher, who died 1776. Thiel Erich Stibolt, commander 1726–1790 and his second wife Catharina von Harasoffsky Andreas Henrik Stibolt the second 1739–1821. He saw service in the Mediterranean on board HDMS Delmenhorst and HDMS Sejeren and in 1770–71 with HDMS Prins Friderich in the squadron ordered to Algiers. Although highly commended by his senior officers, his later career as commander, and member of several naval committees in Copenhagen, was blighted by a court martial concerning the supply of masts to the navy. Grandson to Caspar Jens Peter Stibolt 1774–1860 Viceadmiral Hans Henrich Stibolt 1735–1793, commander. Tranquebar and Mediterranean. unmarried. Ernst Wilhelm Stibolt 1741–1796 shipbuilder Friderich Michael Stibolt 1756–1773, junior lieutenant. unmarried Niels Madsen Stibolt 1728–1752, junior lieutenant died in East Indies on board HDMS Bornholm. unmarried. Thomas Christian Stibolt1744–1816. captain. From 1760 to 1764 he made various voyages with the Danish East India company. In 1765 he sat the lieutenants entrance exam for a naval commission, in which he was judged "well qualified, but no genius". He suffered from pleurisy, and had a long convalescence on Christianso. He served on HDMS Wagrien to the East Indies in 1782 and reported fully on the commercial usefulness of the Nicobar Islands. In June 1783 he became the third generation Stibolt to be commandant of Christianso. In 1784 a court martial convicted him of taking bribes three years earlier in one of his official posts. Christopher Stibolt 1747–1772, junior lieutenant on Gronland in Mediterranean, where he died off Algiers.

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